About me

As an autodidact, I have painted all my life. I paint what fascinates me and what makes me happy. Through my art, I want to give people happiness and share my joy to make a better society. As a child, I was completely absorbed by animals and nature. Then culture took over my life. So I trained to become a circus artist and dancer ( Cirkuspilots, Stockholm and Rambert School of Dance, London) and spent my first decade of career freelancing. The last of these years, however, painting took over and suddenly I found myself a painter instead. I work in a wide range of materials to produce exhibitions and orders.

Music is also another big part of my life. I have done lots of singing in choirs, workshops and informally at celebrations and ceremonies.

Now I develop a cultural ambassadorship. Contact me on more information on this topic.


Konsttriangeln, Trosa. April 18 - 21, 2014.

Pensionärernas Hus, Trosa. November 25 - December 20, 2013.

Trosa Kvarn, Trosa. September 29 - October 6, 2012.

Ateljé Bastugatan 38. 2009 - 2010.

Herrvik, Nykvarn. November 2009 - July 2010.

Collection Exhibition. Nyköpings Stadsbibliotek. November 2009.

Subtopia. Botkyrka. August - September 2009.

Trosa Stadsbibliotek. September 2008.